H x B Summer Flight League


Flight League Information

Flight League Coaches:

We are hopeful that we can start our 2020 Flight Summer League on Mon., June 15 and end on Thurs., July 23. We hope to play 6 straight weeks w/ no weeks off for July 4. Games will be played on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. See below for specifics. We hope to make a final decision on this matter by next weekend.

· Rising Grade 1B (boys) play on Tuesday nights
· Rising Grade 2B (boys) will play on Thursday nights
·  There will be no 1st-2nd grade girls division in the Summer
· Rising Grades 3G & 4G (girls) play on Monday nights
· Rising Grades 3B & 4B (boys) play on Monday nights
· Rising Grades 5G (girls) play on Tuesday nights
· Rising Grades 5B & 6B (boys) play on Tuesday nights
· Rising Grades 6G, 7G, & 8G (girls) play on Thursday nights
· Rising Grades 7B & 8B (boys) play on Thursday nights 

See below for “items we are in the process of discussing” in order to make this work.

  • We hope to open registration for our 2020 Flight Summer League on Thurs., May 28 at 8am
  • Coaches (or a parent) may register a team(s) using the link below. We will only accept credit card payments (no checks) to reserve your spot. We expect to fill up very quickly.
  • We would need to limit each gym to 50 people per hour by only allowing teams, coaches, and one adult per player to attend the game
  • We would NOT have the Concession stand open
  • We would not end the summer w/ a Tournament, but would have the teams seeded after week 5. In week 6 we would play the top two seeds against each other, seeds 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6, etc..
  • Teams would not be able to enter their respective gyms until the previous game has been completed. Players and parents would wait outside. Coaches can come watch the previous game and then get their teams to come inside once the game has ended
  • It is always a possibility that the “government” could shut down our Flight League at any point, if the virus escalates again.