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H+B, in a short period of time, has become one of the fastest growing and competitive teams in the Nashville area. And we do this without compromising our training first development philosophy. Our reputation in the community is top notch as we train and play the right way. If you are interested in playing competitive travel basketball this spring/summer with H+B,

We Have Two Levels of Competitive Teams:

H+B Bruins Supreme (National)

The Blue team wan elite Travel Team. The more experienced and talented players will be selected for this team. One of the goals for this group is to receive elite level training consistently and predominately travel outside of the state to play against the best competition in the Country. The other goal for this group is exposure. We want to go to high level events and get some of our high talent players noticed on the national youth basketball scene.

H+B Bruins Blue  x Gold (Regional)

The Gold Team will be considered a competitive team. Skilled and experienced players will be selected for this team. The goal for this group is similar as the Blue; they will also receive elite level training consistently, but will not travel as extensively as the Blue. but two of our tournaments will be in a surrounding States.

Our Supreme Teams Travel To:

Louisville, Cincinnati, Memphis, New Orleans, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Los Angeles

Our Gold Regional Teams Plays Locally But We Take Trips To:

Louisville, Alabama, Georgia, Los Angeles

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Every Player Receives:

1 Under Armor Home Jersey

1 Under Armor Away Jersey

1 Under Armor Home Shorts

1 Under Armor Away Shorts

1 Warm-up Hoodie

1 Under Armor Backpack

50+ Practices/Workouts

8 - 10 Tournaments

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